For the misfits living in a paradox, you are not alone.

About the apple and the tree

We seem to be surrounded by assholes of every age imaginable. If you’re wondering why, some or most of it probably is to blame for the kind of parenting that’s practised in the Indian subcontinent.  Continue reading “About the apple and the tree”

Fame of Thrones – reboot

Did I ever consider myself capable of viewing a current, mainstream content on television, which has its popularity driven to a cult-pitch, and live to admit that I enjoyed myself? No, I didn’t.  Continue reading “Fame of Thrones – reboot”

Saree … oops NO Shari!

On a number of occasions while speaking in English I remember other native speakers correcting my pronunciation of certain Bangla words. Once I referred to saree and was vehemently attacked for calling it thus with a quick reminder that it was in fact shari/sharee. Continue reading “Saree … oops NO Shari!”

B for Bollywood

The default screensaver at the back of my head is not exactly what one would describe as fun. Continue reading “B for Bollywood”

The sex-talk in conservative societies

At a time when conversations around consent is taking place, I want to broach an icky topic – marital rape. The number of cases I have heard of in this lifetime, and not just through work but first hand descriptions from friends and family, are ridiculously high. The lines are so blurry in this legally bound relationship that I have often seen confident law abiding citizens feeling clueless in deciding what is right and wrong. What is considered prudent and prude. Continue reading “The sex-talk in conservative societies”

The new year, cleanliness and minimalism. Oh and our mental health!

I come from a securely rooted muslim household from both ends of the family. As a result, the importance of being clean is something I have constantly heard growing up, with religious vigour. Continue reading “The new year, cleanliness and minimalism. Oh and our mental health!”

The 4th trimester nobody talks about

I have to admit the number of people who took the time and effort to share their postpartum depression stories with me have been overwhelming. They were friends, family members, people I hadn’t spoken to in the last ten years. Continue reading “The 4th trimester nobody talks about”

Boobs for thought!

Today I want to talk about, well, my breasts. 

Continue reading “Boobs for thought!”

Parenting, self-interest and some ugly choices!

I know what you’re all thinking about. Whether this is yet another piece about whether women can have it all. But in addressing the contention around that question, a lot of us in our generation seems to forego the essence of who we are as humans, as people and not just women. If that trend continues, I think the people it would hurt the most is, well of course – us. The women themselves.

Continue reading “Parenting, self-interest and some ugly choices!”

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