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Social Perception

Confessions of an uber-privileged development worker

You’re probably thinking of an entitled brat sitting far away from action pretending and commentating (oh the nerve!) on realities that are not her own. Thankfully, for all parties concerned, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Continue reading “Confessions of an uber-privileged development worker”

How I picked my son’s surname

A staunch feminist, I always say I was born one. Because I had no real influence or examples at any of the impressionable phases of my life to turn me into one. I had no big life events or tragedies either of a considerable size that would propel the conscientious voice in me to come out in the form it did. Even at the tender age of ten. So let’s say a protest march against anything that seemed remotely unfair came to me naturally.  Continue reading “How I picked my son’s surname”

Why do we love cheap labour?

I think I’m lucky to be raising my child in an environment where hard, manual labour is rewarded just as handsomely as brainwork, if not more. Continue reading “Why do we love cheap labour?”

What it means to be Bengali

Every other day a family member will chime in to ask me if I’m teaching Noah (my 14 month-old) Bengali the language and the culture. And every time I silently shake my head.  Continue reading “What it means to be Bengali”

About the apple and the tree

We seem to be surrounded by assholes of every age imaginable. If you’re wondering why, some or most of it probably is to blame for the kind of parenting that’s practised in the Indian subcontinent.  Continue reading “About the apple and the tree”

Saree … oops NO Shari!

On a number of occasions while speaking in English I remember other native speakers correcting my pronunciation of certain Bangla words. Once I referred to saree and was vehemently attacked for calling it thus with a quick reminder that it was in fact shari/sharee. Continue reading “Saree … oops NO Shari!”

B for Bollywood

The default screensaver at the back of my head is not exactly what one would describe as fun. Continue reading “B for Bollywood”

The sex-talk in conservative societies

At a time when conversations around consent is taking place, I want to broach an icky topic – marital rape. The number of cases I have heard of in this lifetime, and not just through work but first hand descriptions from friends and family, are ridiculously high. The lines are so blurry in this legally bound relationship that I have often seen confident law abiding citizens feeling clueless in deciding what is right and wrong. What is considered prudent and prude. Continue reading “The sex-talk in conservative societies”

The new year, cleanliness and minimalism. Oh and our mental health!

I come from a securely rooted muslim household from both ends of the family. As a result, the importance of being clean is something I have constantly heard growing up, with religious vigour. Continue reading “The new year, cleanliness and minimalism. Oh and our mental health!”

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