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A review of Jane Austen’s Elizabeth

Some weekends ago while flipping through the latest additions’ list on netflix, my partner halted on the Keira Knightly starrer Pride and Prejudice, and told me an interesting story. Apparently, when we first met, he playfully asked if Pride and Prejudice was my favourite book, given I was a voracious reader, and surely Jane Austen would make it to my top ten. And apparently, I was offended. I had lashed out at him for having made such a suggestion and he couldn’t quite figure out the reason behind my response. 

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Fame of Thrones – reboot

Did I ever consider myself capable of viewing a current, mainstream content on television, which has its popularity driven to a cult-pitch, and live to admit that I enjoyed myself? No, I didn’t.  Continue reading “Fame of Thrones – reboot”

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