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Perishable Item

My name is Lena. And the half-decapitated bleeding dog lying next to me was dead.

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Beautiful Accident

It was a beautiful accident that brought me to earth. Okay, I realize I may not be a rare case, considering the lack of safe sexual practices, both in the Middle East and South Asia. I was born to Sri Lankan and Iranian parents, each of whom brought with them a set of ancient, stringent and orthodox principles and cultural dos and don’ts. They also managed to instill in me a sense of strong religious belief that surpassed any one God; in the case of the former, my Hindu mother, it was more the merrier! Continue reading “Beautiful Accident”

The green blanket

All the paths led to the same road.


The glamorous, reckless and erratic hours in an estranged land met backstage, in front of a cracked mirror, under the glare of a spotlight, without makeup, with the loneliness of the nondescript, plain Jane, mid-afternoon, hanging the washed laundry of the husband and children absent in the quiet flat. Continue reading “The green blanket”


This one word raises uncomfortable questions, invites undesirable dissection and contention. However, it has existed for as long as we can remember. My attempt is not to gain support in favour of homosexuality, but more from an educational and informative perspective, raise awareness. I wish to shed light on facts and observations  derived from history, personal experience et al. While it is true what we do not know cannot harm us, it is also true that lack of knowledge and information is the biggest culprit behind most derailed perceptions we hold in this world today and misconstrued anger and frustration. Opportunists always tend to take advantage of these emotions and fuel it to satisfy their ulterior motives. Thus, should you have any confusion, reservation or pure curiosity in regards to homosexuality, please read on, as you would only be doing yourself a favour, only if not to let people take advantage of what you do not know. Alert: myth busters ahead! Continue reading “Homosexuality”

It was a dark and stormy night…

 I wrote the central gist of this little piece many years ago, given the title above as the topic of the essay, for a school assignment in year 8 or 9. I was made to stand up in front of the class and read it out loud. It was momentous, especially at that age when the creative part in me sought after any acknowledgement and revelled in applause, while withdrew into seclusion and took a million steps backward at the mere mention of criticism. It was a delicate time and my feelings and opinions raw – fresh out of the oven! I have attempted to the best of my ability to recapture and rewrite the basic story, staying true to the formidable, crude and unadulterated thoughts that occupied my mind at fourteen/fifteen, once upon a time. However, the treatment had undergone unforgivable reparation and wear and tear of age. I have also added a few parts taking recent events into consideration that made me remember this story in the first place. I feel the need for it to be retold. The time is right.

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