I hate the gym as an institution. Remind me again WHY I would pay to go to a place where nobody smiles and everybody seems to be in pain? Am I crazy or is this world turning us into idiots?! Oh the negative vibe in these places. Unless it’s an emergency like being admitted to a hospital, I would never pay to be in that kind of an unhappy environment. 

When I started full time yoga in Singapore two years ago that studio with the beautiful cats became my second home, my instructor a mentor and friend, a place of worship. Back in Aus I see colleagues almost at the brink of tears if they’re running late on their yoga days. It is the best form of exercise but feels more like a massage at the end of it 😑

My initial postpartum days were a struggle. Loose skin everywhere, weak joints and core, stomach that looked like a pooch. The first morning I woke up drug-free, I actually thought my insides would churn out any minute. It was a nauseous feeling. I immediately packed Noey to the park. And I never looked back. The thought of it made me jump out of bed to be honest. Not only that we live in one of the leafiest and beautiful parts of Melbourne (super proud Northerners) but our Heidelberg has the best community one could have hoped for in my circumstances. There were happy people everywhere either enjoying a slow stroll, prepping for a marathon, cycling past or simply sitting on a park bench with their dog. There was no competing with one another, no push for glory. It was the calmest and the most respectful experience of my life, where each individual did what they fancied, at their own pace. Everyone would stop to say hi to Noah. There were shouts of encouragement from every passerby letting me know what a great mum I was, how beautiful I looked. It was the most gratifying start to my day for five whole months. 

I’m making this little speech today because I gained around thirteen kilos over pregnancy and thereafter and managed to shed fifteen two months ago. It definitely wasn’t by punishing my body but by loving it, embracing it for what it was. Never pushing it for one second and always, always respecting its limitations and miracles.