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March 2014

Beautiful Accident

It was a beautiful accident that brought me to earth. Okay, I realize I may not be a rare case, considering the lack of safe sexual practices, both in the Middle East and South Asia. I was born to Sri Lankan and Iranian parents, each of whom brought with them a set of ancient, stringent and orthodox principles and cultural dos and don’ts. They also managed to instill in me a sense of strong religious belief that surpassed any one God; in the case of the former, my Hindu mother, it was more the merrier! Continue reading “Beautiful Accident”

Safe Sex please!

Upon returning to this country, I proved myself absolutely right in thinking ahead that in the absence of a more organized form of entertainment, dialogue tends to become far more interesting and has an old-fashioned salon feel to it. Thus in an absurd revelation of a conversation at one of these recent gatherings, I was privy to certain very private information that shocked me to the core. This is a snapshot of a conversation between two married females discussing the level of sexual activity in their individual relationships: Continue reading “Safe Sex please!”

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