For the misfits living in a paradox, you are not alone.


January 2014


To Dhaka,

My muse, my mistress, my beloved.

(Quote abridged; original unfit for publication.) Continue reading “Musing”


In the simplest meaning of the word, we are all capitalists. I work for money. At the end of my month’s hard work, the payment that gets deposited into my bank account is what closes the deal for me. I earn my livelihood through monetary means so unless you somehow live through a volunteer position; the laws of capitalism apply to you too. But I for one have always believed in the concept of paradox when it comes to one’s perception of life. Our innermost feelings, I believe, ought to not reflect necessarily or exclusively what we physically represent. By being a male, should you have to be strong and muscled? Should you as a rule be devoid of any expressive emotion? And what if you don’t fit that particular bill, should you be disappointed in yourself? Continue reading ““Labelled””

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