For the misfits living in a paradox, you are not alone.

The 4th trimester nobody talks about

I have to admit the number of people who took the time and effort to share their postpartum depression stories with me have been overwhelming. They were friends, family members, people I hadn’t spoken to in the last ten years. Continue reading “The 4th trimester nobody talks about”


Boobs for thought!

Today I want to talk about, well, my breasts. 

Continue reading “Boobs for thought!”

Parenting, self-interest and some ugly choices!

I know what you’re all thinking about. Whether this is yet another piece about whether women can have it all. But in addressing the contention around that question, a lot of us in our generation seems to forego the essence of who we are as humans, as people and not just women. If that trend continues, I think the people it would hurt the most is, well of course – us. The women themselves.

Continue reading “Parenting, self-interest and some ugly choices!”

The balancing act

These last couple of years I have gone through some major adjustments in life. I had to allow my body and mind to be buffeted through multiple upheavals, with no control over the direction my life was taking. From being a complete ‘yes-woman’ to every plan (often friends made plans and my confirmation was presumed), to leaving a Master’s halfway through, to showing the kind of empathy I never considered myself capable of – purely out of love. It has been a few years of crazy adjustments with myself. Continue reading “The balancing act”

Dhaka is unsafe for women and why the city is okay with it

You know what infuriates me the most? It is the accepted resignation of how things are in Bangladesh. How on one hand there is a woman running the country, while you and I dare not step out on the streets alone. Continue reading “Dhaka is unsafe for women and why the city is okay with it”

What does it mean to cover?

What does the ban on burqinis in Nice really stand for? A ban against oppression – have we ever come across such conflicting terminologies in the history of any oppressed minority group? Or does it imply exactly the opposite, a group of people with the assumption that they know what the greater good is for a society. Continue reading “What does it mean to cover?”

Finally Trumped!

I have never travelled as far as North America. The North-est destination in my travel cap is Toronto, Canada and with exponential intensity, I consider that attainment as a more worthwhile feather in my cap. Raised at a dinner table though where politics happened to have been a constant source of conversation and interest, I have missed nothing on America.donald-trump-funny-face Continue reading “Finally Trumped!”

Inspired by James Donovan

Last night I watched the latest Spielberg magic called the “Bridge of Spies” spun out of a political drama staged during the cold war with that quintessential humanising touch that only Spielberg can nail – I mean the man made you cry for an alien before, what are Russians in comparison?!  And this inspires me to pen down a sandwiched critique-cum-commentary of the feelings the story evoked. Continue reading “Inspired by James Donovan”

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